Call of duty memes

Gaming is the most favorite hobby of modern young people. There are thousands of games online and teenagers spend hours playing them. Call of duty is a popular game which has a huge fan base. Some gamers consider this fan base to be one of the most toxic comparing to other games. That is why many call of duty memes have appeared recently. The following cod memes look very realistic. All funny cod memes show what is going to happen if you spend hours playing this game. If you want to know what it is like to play online games for hours, watch these funny cod pics.

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Call of duty memes

Are you familiar with this game which is called Call of duty? The following call of duty memes are incredibly realistic and they describe gamers perfectly. His game has a special logic. If you like this game, the following memes will entertain you a lot.

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Call of duty memes

Black ops memes

Every time, when a new online game appears, gamers say they are not going to play it, but very soon they get addicted to it. These black ops memes show how it happens. Black ops 2 has already millions of worldwide sales and fans. Will this online gaming addiction ever stop? Who knows, but for now you can enjoy these black ops 2 memes.

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