Congratulation Messages to New Parents

 A birth of a baby is a very important event. Young couple enters a new joyful and challenging period of their life. Congratulation messages to new parents will help you to make this day very special. If you can’t visit your friends personally due to being far from them, you should send them sweet congratulations to new parents. You can be proud of them! When people decide to have a child, all their life starts to spin around their baby. This is the way to devote your life to something bigger and much more meaningful, than just enjoying your free time and hobbies. Nothing can be compared to the happiness of parenting. This is only love and care.

Congratulation messages to new parents

Gratulations to New Parents

I heard the great news: Welcome to the club, newbie parents! It’s going to be one heck of a ride, and you’ll love every minute of it. Well, maybe not every minute but close.

Sweet sound of baby laughter are filling up your home! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

All my best wishes to your little miracle!

Just saw on your Facebook profile that you welcomed your little one. Congrats! Now on, your life would be more adventurous and exciting. You might even value your baby’s nap time. Enjoy your journey, buddy!

Congratulations, your journey of discovery has begun. This baby will provide answers to questions you never thought to ask.

Can’t believe nine months have passed. Time really flies. Heard your baby is born. Congrats! I would drop in next week to see your baby boy. May you have many years of incredible parenting.

You have just crossed the fine line between happy-go-lucky adults to responsible family guys. Your new reality will be marked with endless feeding schedules, dirty diapers and loads of happy moments. Keep a camera handy because each minute is photo-worthy from hereon. Congratulations!

Congratulations to super parents on their beautiful baby! Wishing a great time starting your life all over again. Lots of love.

Wishes for New Parents

Wishes for new parents

A child is a precious gift that fills the heart with a joy you never knew you were capable of feeling. Take this time to relish in the miracle of your new family. We wish you many, many happy years as your child grows into a beautiful little person.

Wishing you and your newborn many years of good health, love, and happiness.

Congratulations to super parents on their beautiful baby! Wishing a great time starting your life all over again. Lots of love.

Here is pack of diapers and some wine for you! It was a long 9 months, but you can finally have a drink to celebrate! Happy mom and dad forever!

50% mommy, 50% daddy, 100% baby (or baby’s name)! Best wishes on the arrival of your new baby.

Let the life of this newborn baby be full of great achievements and success stories.

Congratulations to Mama and Papa Bear. Baby Bear seems just right!

Your baby looks absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to watch them grow up with everyone we love by their side.Congrats!

Because I’m a cool aunt so you’re going to have the coolest kid!

To the new mom and dad! Congratulations to you both! How does it feel to be parents? You survived nine long months of pregnancy, labor and delivery. An now comes the good stuff! Enjoy every second, because they grow up so, so fast!

Message for New Parents

In this collection you will find a lot of wonderful greetings to new parents. Such words will make young parents so happy as they have never been before. Here you will find many inspirational ideas how to compose your message for new parents properly. In fact, it is not difficult to do. You feel should include the best wishes for new parents and share this joyful moment with them. Motivate young parents to be strong and positive as this is the key to happy parenting. And when they need your support, you should be always ready to help and support them.

Message for new parents

To the new parents. Welcome to the world of diapers, bibs and chronic sleep deprivation! We hope mom and dad are adjusting to their new roles and enjoying baby. Congrats to you both and best wishes!

Life will keep changing but there is one thing that will remain constant till the day you die – your love for your child. Congratulations for finding something so magical.

We are so joyful to hear of the arrival this new blessing to your life!

We are so happy for the additional to your family and wish many more to come!

This is such great news!! We’re really thankful and excited that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. May you find much joy and happiness with your new role as proud parents. Wishing you all best and with lots of love.

To the happy couple and their adorable new baby. Congratulations on becoming a family! What a wild and wonderful trip this is going to be. Sleep might be a thing of the past, but this baby is going to bring you oodles of joy! It’s definitely worth it!

You two deserve every bit of happiness this baby is going to bring you.

Double-cuteness runs in our family. Congratulations on keeping the tradition going!

Thanks for inviting us along to share in the excitement of your soon to be new arrival. Wishing you all the best with babyhood.

Lots of love and best wishes on the arrival of your new child.

Babies are a gift from heaven. You must be special to have one of its angels.

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. Enjoy this love.

You two are going to make such amazing parents.

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Congratulations images to new parents

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Pictures for new parents

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