Congratulations on Your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy is a wonderful collection you can use to greet a young woman with such an important event for her. When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she realized that her life is going to change dramatically. Of course, such news may be a bit scary in the very beginning and that is why you should send Congrats on pregnancy in order to cheer your friend up. The collection of Pregnant wishes is unique. A woman will be happy to receive sincere wishes for her and her baby.

Congratulations on the pregnancy

Mother is a person who does the work of 20! Congratulations and best wishes to the Mother to be!

Just when you thought you had it all, this bundle of joy had something to say! Congratulations on really having it all now!

Enjoy all the moments and all of the time you have together with your new baby; Congrats on your pregnancy!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. May this special time be filled with health and lots of love!

Congratulations on the Pregnancy

Better write down everything from now on in preparation for “mom brain.” So happy for you.

Now you have a legitimate reason to eat as much as you want! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

You are going to be the best parents to a blessed little one.

So excited to hear your news! Wishing all the joy of anticipation to a very special Mother-to-be.

Congrats on Pregnancy

Congrats on pregnancy

I’m so happy for you! Wishing you love and joy, peace and wisdom, beauty and happiness.

I wish I may, I wish I might, be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy tonight!

Get ready to not sleep for a while- but it will totally be worth it. Congratulations on the new baby!

Heard the great news. Here’s to new discoveries and sleepless nights. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

OMG! You are having a baby! Sleep well now, it may be your last chance for the next three years!

Bringing a baby into the world is not an easy task. May God grant you strength and patience throughout your pregnancy.

Be positive and everything will be alright. All the best during your pregnancy journey.

An angel baby grows near your heart, waiting for love and a new life to start!

Pregnant Wishes

Pregnant wishes

Pregnancy is the only time in life when you’ll fall in love with someone you haven’t met. Congratulations.

You have such a wonderful lifetime ahead of you with your new bundle of joy!

You have always been a night owl so I am sure all the late nights will not worry you much. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

If you never knew how wonderful you are to so many, just look at you now. Your beautiful life has created another extraordinary life. together you’ll make this world even more wondrous. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You’re going to be a fabulous mother, and don’t let anyone attempt to tell you differently. Congratulations on a healthy and fruitful pregnancy.

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences that life can offer. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

You are going to be an amazing mother and guide through your child’s life.

You have just been fired from your job of being just a woman. Congratulations for being accepted as an intern for the next nine months in your new job of being a mother.

Message for a Pregnant Friend

Message for a pregnant friend should be sent straight away you find out that your friend is pregnant. Pregnancy is not so easy period. A woman has to pass a lot of transformations in her body and mind. Support your friend with these quotes for a pregnant friend.

Message for a pregnant friend

Nothing comes close to the feeling of nurturing a life inside your body. It has never been aptly described in words and it never will be. Experiencing is the only way to find out. Congratulations for getting yours.

Life might be changing but it’s all for the better- congrats on becoming a Mother.

I’m always right here by your side if you get scared. Take care of yourself and make sure that the baby stays healthy.

Open your heart and hold out your hand with graciousness given to carry on with life’s plan. Your baby is here and is ready to live with all of the love you can possibly give! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Your pregnancy is the second best news of the year. The first best news of the year will happen after nine months when the baby arrives. Congratulations.

Things may get stressful as you get ready to have your first baby. Do not worry about a thing because I am always a phone call away.

You’ve got a new title in life and it will be the best you will ever get- congrats on becoming a Mother!

Pregnancy is when you’ll truly understand the meaning of being unconditionally caring and patiently selfless. Congratulations.

Quotes for a Pregnant Friend

Quotes for a pregnant friend

I am happy for your pregnancy, but I am happier in knowing that a baby will be born in the arms of such loving parents like you. Congratulations.

Family is everything and yours is growing! Congrats on the momentous occasion!

This is an advice for the to-be-mommy. Make the most of your nine months of pregnancy because it is the only time when you can bite into all your food cravings to put on those extra pounds without feeling an ounce of guilt. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

Days may come and days may go; but babies stay awhile, you know. So love him dearly, love her sweet. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy at every beat!

It is a blessing that you are pregnant with a child of your own to raise. That baby is so lucky that it gets to have you for a parent.

When God gives a couple a baby, He also gives them new pair of eyes to see the world in a way that they have never seen it before. Congratulations on being pregnant.

You can read all of the books, but don’t worry, you’ll be a natural! Welcome to being a Mom.

Your body will go through many changes as pregnancy has its way with you. But the biggest change will be your slow and beautiful transformation from being a woman to being a mother. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Expecting New Baby

The best congratulations on expecting new baby are presented in this collection. Congratulations expecting baby will make your friend feel very special.

Congratulations on expecting new baby

Stop reading books about babies and getting pregnant because the beautiful feeling of pregnancy is impossible to be understood in words, it can only be experienced. Congratulations.

It is time to pause and relax because a baby is on the way. Congratulations! I pray that you and your baby will stay healthy and strong.

For the next nine months your body is a sacred place and your womb will be the closely guarded doors protecting the little angel who will change your lives forever. Congratulations for your pregnancy.

To bring a life into this world is a task given to the strong women. Congratulations for being chosen to be among the blessed ones to experience the miracle of birth soon.

The doctor may cut off the umbilical cord that ties you with your baby, but no one can cut off the cord of love built over the next nine months which will tie you with your child for a lifetime. Congratulations on being pregnant.

Pregnancy is like a box of assorted chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. Congratulations on creating one sweet treat!

Congratulations on the big & most important adventure ahead- adding another little one to the family!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We can’t wait to see what your little love looks like. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Congratulations Expecting Baby

Congratulations expecting baby

Making the world a better place, one pregnancy at a time. You couldn’t be doing a better job! Congratulations!

Rest up now & enjoy your time- a new stranger will be here soon to soak up your time & give off sunshine!

Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband. Congratulations for getting pregnant and finding your balance.

Pregnancy will make you see LIFE in a whole new different way. Why? Because you will experience what it feels like to create one. Congratulations.

Choosing motherhood over anything else in this world is one commendable act. Congratulations! I am right behind you all the way. Big hugs to you!

My heartiest wishes to you mom to be. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy this special moment of your life!

Learn your nursery rhymes and practice your lullabies, your time is coming soon. Congrats on becoming a Mom!

Your pregnancy is the window to the life of an amazing little soul. Like spring time, this new beginning touches us all. Congratulations!

Wishes to a Pregnant Woman

We have the best wishes to a pregnant woman you can use for your friend. What to say to a pregnant woman good luck you will discover just below.

Wishes to a pregnant woman

Expecting a baby is the hardest and the most pleasurable wait you’ll ever have in your life. Best wishes for your pregnancy.

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful, exiting, awesome, life changing events of your life. Congratulations dear, I am sure you will be an excellent Mom.

Stay strong and think positive. God has answered your prayers for a new baby. He will see you through. Congratulations, mother to be!

Thank you for bringing this cherished life into the world. Congratulations on already becoming one amazing mom!

Congratulations! This is really great News. May God bless you as you approach the exciting event of your life.

The sacrifices of the pregnancy that your body will go through will all be worth it when you welcome your baby into this world. Congratulations, mom to be!

Things are about to change for the best! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Your past is so yesterday. Your amazing present is now. The only thing lacking is a big red bow. Congratulations on the gift of a lifetime!

What to Say to a Pregnant Woman Good Luck

What to say to a pregnant woman good luck

The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios – it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. No matter how you feel now, the baby will bring you lots of joy when he/she arrives!

Get ready to not sleep for a while- but it will totally be worth it. Congratulations on the new baby!

A child is truly a blessing from heaven and we are here to support and give love to both of you. Congratulation to the mom-to-be! Take care always!

Get ready to not sleep for a while- but it will totally be worth it. Congratulations on the new baby!

Being pregnant is a sporting ball of fun! Congratulations on your little team player!

Congratulations Mom to Be! We are really excited and happy to hear the good news. We are sure you are going to be an excellent Mom!

Another blessing lies straight ahead- congrats on becoming a new Mom!

Congratulations for Expecting Parents

Do your friends expect a baby? Congratulations for expecting parents are selected just for such a great occasion. Use them without any hesitation.

Congratulations for expecting parents

Until now, we thought heavenly stars were the only thing that glowed. Congratulations to you and your heavenly little angel!

9 months of pain, but a lifetime of gain. 9 months of sickness, but a lifetime of happiness. 9 months of pregnancy, the beginning of your own legacy. Congratulations.

Make sure your hospital bag is packed & get ready for a new life to enter: it’s all about to begin! Congrats on getting pregnant!

Congratulations for entering a period of life when you will have no periods.

The most beautiful thing between you and your new baby is the heart. Congratulations on this adorable love saga.

All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations.

All the journeys and adventures that lie ahead are great, beautiful & exciting. Congrats on becoming a new Mom!

Congratulations on your new journey! You are going to be an amazing Mother & great guide through life!

Never so sweet a time is there than the first day of the rest of your life with your new baby.

Congratulations on your pregnancy

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