Fat People Jokes

Have a look at this awesome selection of fat people jokes. This humor is something special. You can use these jokes about fat people to motivate people to do sports and get rid of unhealthy eating habits. Nowadays, more and more people have problems with overweight. This is very dangerous for your body. If you want to look beautiful and full of energy, you will have to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Read these jokes, look at your body and start your new life if you do not want to be the main figure of these jokes.

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Fat people jokes

Diet Day #1 – I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious.

I’ve been told that inside every fat person, there’s someone beautiful… I’m just wondering who the hell you ate?

Yo Mama is so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and its still printing.

I’m not saying you’re fat, but it looks like you were poured into your clothes and someone forgot to say “when”.

Every time someone calls me fat I get so depress I cut myself… a piece of cake.

You’ll be so fat after Thanksgiving the only thing stopping you from going to the gym is the doorframe.

Just wait till you can’t fit your hand in the Pringles tubes, then where will you get your daily nutrition from?

She took her pants to the dry cleaners and the lady said, “we don’t do curtains.”

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Fat insults jokes

Do you like insulting jokes? Then you should check out these awesome fat insults jokes. You will not find better insults for fat people than these ones. Share them online and motivate people to go to the gym.

Yo momma’s so fat the escape velocity at her surface exceeds 3.0×108 m/s

Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.

You’re so fat, you have to use a mattress as a maxi-pad.

Come on guys, don’t make jokes at the expense of fat people.
They might eat you.

So fat that your dad and her were in bed and tried to kiss he’d have to slap her belly and ride the third wave up!

Yo momma so fat she downloads cheats for Wii Fit.

Diet Coke: Making people feel better about ordering two Big Macs and a large fry since 1982.

You’re so fat, when you get bored of eating donuts, you shove two up your ass for the winter.

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Funny fat jokes

People, who have problems with overweight, do not like to read such funny fat jokes. However, once you post such funny fat people jokes, you will inspire people to change their lifestyle and finally get rid of their fat.

That’s funny. You’re giving my middle finger a boner.
Your girl told me it’s the only boner you can get.

If weight is a number, then mine is unlisted.

I’m trying to see things from your point of view, but I can’t get my head that far up my ass.
That’s because you’re so full of crap.

My sister is so fat then when we go out to the local buffet they see her coming and pot out the speed-bumps.

Yo mama so fat she went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken they asked her what size and she said the one on the roof.

You’re a light eater alright. As soon as it gets light, you starts eating.

Once she jumped in the water, everone ran out yelling, “Tsunami!”

If I throw a stick, will you leave?
Is it the stick from up your ass?

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Fat comebacks

Check out these hilarious fat comebacks. This selection is so funny! Do not hesitate to tease your friends and push them to the gym.

You’re so fat that your husband rolled over after sex, rolled over again and was STILL on top of you.

The 80s called. They want their haircut back.
The 1880s called, too. They want their joke back.

You know you’re fat when no one has mentioned you’re also ginger.

So fat when she sat on the toilet she said A B C D E F G get your fat ass off me.

Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?
Couldn’t help it. One look at you and I started to vomit.

Missionary Impossible: When 2 fat people try to have sex.

You’re so fat, when you jump in the air, you get stuck!

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Fat girl jokes

All women want to look slim and beautiful. So, if you need some motivation to start losing weight, you should read these fat girl jokes.

Kiss my ass!
Not until you shave it.

My 6-pack is very precious to me.
That’s why I protect it with a layer of fat.

I may be fat, but you’re ugly, and I can lose weight.
I don’t doubt it. You’re definitely a loser.

I love my six packs so much that I have protected it with layers of fat.

I’m not saying she’s fat. But if I had to name 5 of the fattest people I know. She’d be three of them.

Nice tan. Orange is my favorite color.
Mine’s brown. That’s why I love your teeth.

How do you seduce a fat woman?
Piece of cake.

Music teacher: ‘What’s your favorite musical instrument?’ Fat kid: ‘The lunch bell.’

How do you tell if a chick’s too fat to f*ck? When you pull her pants down and her ass is still in them.

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Fat girl jokes on pics

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Funny fat jokes on pics

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