Helen Keller jokes

Helen Keller was an amazing woman. She was born in the United States of America completely deaf and blind. However, all these problems just made her stronger and she achieved so much during her life. Helen Keller was a famous author, lecturer, and activist. Despite the fact, that she was deaf and blind she succeeded to get her Bachelor degree in arts. There are many deaf people who are famous and active, but Helen Keller is a real idol for all deaf people in the world. If you are interested in this woman’s biography and philosophy, you should read the following Helen Keller jokes.

Helen Keller Jokes

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What was Helen Kellers favorite candy? Skittles. Can’t see the rainbow, but at least she can taste it.

How did she burn the other one off? They called back!

How come Helen Keller can’t have kids? Because she’s dead!

What is Helen Kellers favorite mouthwash? Jergens lotion.

How did the Helen Keller try to kill the bird? She threw it off a cliff.

Q. What’s this (slowly waving fingers)? A. Helen Keller moaning

Funny Helen Keller Jokes

Would you like to inspire people who are deaf and blind? You should post the following funny Helen Keller jokes. These lines prove that anyone can achieve success and be active no matter what health problems a person has. This woman proved that she is a real warrior and she will fulfill all her dreams ad she did.

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How does Helen Keller drive?  One hand on the wheel and one hand one the road!

How did Helen Keller break her arm while in the car? Trying to read a stop sign going 80

How did Helen Keller learn to masturbate? Trying to read her own lips.

Why is all of Helen Kellers face burnt? She was bobbing for French fries

Why does Helen Keller play the piano with only one hand? She uses the other to sing with.

Q: How did HK get poke marks on her face? A: Learning to eat with a fork.

Best Helen Keller Jokes

Helen Keller has so many problems. Being deaf and blind she found her inner strength to fight for her life and dreams. She was a very strong and cheerful personality. The best helen keller jokes will show what a humor this talented woman had.

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Did you know that Helen Keller had a dollhouse in the backyard? Neither did she

Why did Helen Keller eat her poop? She thought it was a candy bar.

Why didn’t Helen Keller change her baby’s diaper? So she could always find him

What do you call Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller playing tennis? Eternal love.

What did Helen Keller say to the shop assistant when she knocked over a product-display in the store? Just looking!

Q: How did Helen Keller pierce her ear? A: Answering the stapler.