I Love My Son Poems

Do you want send a sweet poem for your son? I love my son poems will help you express your deep feelings. Every mother loves her children very much. This connection is unbreakable. However, sometimes it is a nice idea to remind each other how much you love each other. I love you son message will make your child feel confident in your support and love. It is very important to support the people you love and never lose a chance to say the words of love. These poems and saying can be used for composing sweet birthday greeting cards for your dear son.

I love you son

From the day I held you
In my palm
On me you wielded
Your irresistible charm.

The best memories of my life
Will always bear your name
For after you were born
My life was never the same
I love you son.

I’ve grown up with your values,
And I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

No matter how near or far apart,
I am always right there in your heart.
Always remember whatever you go through
that no matter what, I will always love you.

I Love You Son

I love you son pics

My youngest Son, my baby boy
All but grown, now stands before ..
I love you son, with all my heart.
and will forever more.

I love you for ever
’cause you’r really clever
Even though i puss and shove
I will still show all my love.

Lets always make a special time
and always keep in touch ..
My Son you are the very best
and I love you so much.

Time together is special
too fast for me it seems ..
My Son I want you to tell me
all your thoughts and dreams.

I Love You Son Poems

I love my son poems

I never want this to go unsaid,
So here in this poem is for it to be said.
There are no words to express how much you mean to me,
A son like you, I thought could never be.

Time has gone so swiftly
years went rushing past ..
My Son you have matured
and grown up so very fast.

So here in this poem is for it to be said.
There are no words to express how much you mean to me,
A son like you, I thought could never be.
Because the day you were born, I just knew,
God sent me a blessing- and that was you.

Oh, how the years go by,
Oh, how time can certainly fly.
From once just a thought in far away dreams,
now into my arms and in my eyes gleam.

You throw so many tantrums
Your demand for things get so long
You do things to annoy me at times
But still you are so strong.

I don’t mind the bruises, the scars here and there
or the hammer that just seemed to slip.
I want most of all when my son takes my hand,
to feel that love lies in the grip.

Just want you to know, Son, I will always be here,
I will never forsake you, I love you so dear,
One day I will be gone, but these words will remain,
And if ever in doubt please read them again.

Mother’s Love for Son

Mother’s love is the strongest in the world. Mother’s love for son poems will help you express your deep feelings. Poems for sons from mothers are wonderful. You will definitely find some matching words for your message or greeting card.

Mother's love for son

Sleep now, my child,
Let mother hold your fears.
At rest, good night, dream wild.
Fast asleep the visions piled.

Always near
for kisses from momma
around necks so tight
snuggling arms are wrapped
when doing something right.

Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it … Dad.

May you know how much I love you
though I’m here and you are there.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven
to the best dad anywhere!

When you will be
A charismatic leader
When you will create
An impressive future.

Time may pass day after day or year after year,
But the love I have for you grows
nearer and dearer to my heart each day and year.
To my son, I hope you know just how much I love you so.

My little man
You are growing
up so fast and I don’t
want to
miss anything.

You are loved so very much
in every possible way ..
I thank the lord for you, my Son
each and every day.

Poems for Sons from Mothers

Poems for sons from mothers

Dear son, I want you to know
Day after day, as you grow
Lose your fears, not your confidence
Make meaning of, your existence.

I want you to know that
I am very proud of you
and that I love you dearly.

I asked heaven for someone as wonderful as you,
And ever prayer and wish came true.
I dreamed of you…
Before I knew your name.

I cannot express
Without you my life
Would be worthless
I love you.

I love you, my child
There is nothing that you can do
that can separate me away from you.
Make some day a decent end,
Shrewder fellows than your friend.
Fare you well, for ill fare I:
Live lads, and I will die.

Let me come along
for the ride and I will
watch you spread your
wings and fly.

You are the reason
For me to breathe
Even though you give me
Reasons to seethe.

You are naughty and I know
You have that smirk to show
Deep down you are innocent
And so loving too my son.

Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.

Father to Son Poems

A father’s love is special. Most men have strong feelings, but they show them very rare. Father to son poems will help you say sincere words to your son due to his birthday or any other special occasion.

Father to son poems

Having a loving son like you
My life is complete and true
Having a son like you
Gives a sense of things in due.

Allow yourself love
And when you do you will find love in return
Allow yourself to be happy
And when you do you will influence others around you.

And your heart melts again with
your real pride and joy,
In that mischievous, wonderful
treasure— your boy!

We’re going to be a family,
And our baby we’ll soon hold.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
I guess only time will tell!

I have held you in my arms and done the best I can,
Now I pray that God will hold you now that you’re a man.
Just remember in my heart you are a special one,
And I will always proudly tell the world, “this is my son.”

In your actions, I will take pride
As you progress and move ahead
Don’t ever forget what I’ve said
I love you.

You are the one
I cannot bear to lose
Without you life would be
An ocean of blues.

The three glorious days I spent with your breathless body
You were every breath I took
Till the day that I am breathless
You were every breath I took.

Inspirational Poems My Son

Would you like to send a motivational message to your boy? Inspirational poems my son are what you need. You will definitely find a matching poem for your particular case.

Inspirational poems my son

I didn’t give you the gift of life,
But in my heart I know.
The love I feel is deep and real,
As if it had been so.

You are my son, a part of me, and that will never change,
No matter what you do in life my love will still remain.
I held you as a baby and I looked into your face,
And I knew then, no other one could ever take your place.

The happiest moments of my life
I owe to you entirely
Without you I would’ve been
So sad and lonely.

Don’t worry my angel,
those tears will be of joy.
It won’t matter to me
if you are a girl or a boy.

You bloomed as you were planned
In our hearts, our lives, our home.
Our child of chance, of plan, of will
You’re now our very own.

There is nothing in this world
That I badly want
For I already have something
That I can proudly flaunt.

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