I Love My Wife Quotes

Such messages should be romantic and sweet. This is true,it is not so easy for men to write love messages. What is the solution? You can include the following i love my wife quotes into your card or message.

If I were a cell phone, you would be the charger. I would be dead without you. I love you.

You know that our love means the world to me. I would do anything and everything to keep you happy.

You came into my life and totally changed my world. I have lost total control of myself. I am a changed person. My heart does not belong any more to me. It’s given away to you. I am deeply and madly in love with you.

I want you to draw a huge smile on your pretty face as soon as you receive this text because I send it to you with all my love. Have a great day, my beautiful wife!

I Love My Wife Quotes

I cannot survive without your love. I feel suffocated when you are not around me. I love you so much. In your love, I think of nothing but love.

You and I have formed a beautiful home with adorable children and together we live in our small heaven on earth. I love you with all my heart, you are the love of my life.

A man is happy when he finds a true friend, but he is even happier when the true friend he finds is his wife.

The surreal sun-kissed hues of Instagram are nothing new for me. My life was already drenched in rosy tints since the day we got married. I love you.

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Love Quotes for Wife

Your woman will be very happy to read these love quotes for wife. Being in relationships is very exciting in the beginning, but in a while, couples start to take each other or granted. Do not make this mistake if you want to keep your relationships for many years. Nourish your relationships with small gifts or sweet messages. A variety of quotes and poems you will find in this romantic collection.

If our lives were a ship, I would call it LOVE FOREVER. Happy sailing.

I would be a philosopher if a married a bad wife, but since I married you, I am simply a lover.

My heart beats only for your love. Life with you feels like a fairytale, so beautiful and pure. Let us live in this world of love forever. I love you.

I can feel your love in each and every one of the things you do for me and when you look at me in the eye I can see how much you love me. I love you with all my heart and I will love you forever!

I can always feel the presence of your love in my life. Everything you do makes me love you even more. I feel overwhelmed in your never ending love.

You are the most beautiful of all women, the owner of my heart and my whole life, my biggest reason to fight for a better tomorrow. My beloved wife, you have no idea how much I love you.

The woman of my life, the mother of our children, there is no love that compares to the love I have for my wife.

You are, not just the mother of my children, but also the beat of my heart. You are, not just the queen of this family, but also the woman of my dreams. I love you.

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Love Messages for Wife

Do you try to write love messages for wife, but you can’t find proper words to express your deep feelings? Such messages should be romantic and sweet. This is true,it is not so easy for men to write love messages. What is the solution?

You’ve made my imperfections seem perfect and all my shortcomings appear complete. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for everything you’ve done. But I promise, I’ll never stop trying. I love you.

The one thing I love more than my wife is being my wife’s husband.

I love the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.

My love, thank you for the pure and sincere love that you give me every day, because I keep falling in love with you and because I feel amazing when I am with you. I love you with all my soul!

Someone up there must be watching out for me, because they sent Heaven’s most beautiful angel into my life.

I hope your day is beautiful. Remember that I love you with all my being. For me, you are the most beautiful thing I have in my life.

Real men may not know how to show their feelings to their wife, but they always tell her that she is the one and only woman for them.

I don’t know how long I am going to live but I know that every single second will be worth a lifetime because it will be spent with you. I love you.

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Love Quotes for Wife from Husband

Do you have a romantic mood now? You can make a sweet surprise for your wife and send her the following love quotes for wife from husband. Your woman will shine as never before.

If I had to pick between laughing together and crying together, I would pick crying because I’d never want you to cry alone.

Years come and go like the seasons, but every year, I love you more than I ever thought was possible.

I love my wife. We’ve had a few slings and arrows across the room, but I’m not prepared to give in, you know? People say she saved my life, but at the same time, I saved her life, as well, I think. She’s a great mother, she’s a great wife, she’s a great worker, she’s a great manager. She’s just great.

When you love me like that, I melt into honey. Let’s be sweet together.

I love my wife. We FaceTime and we talk on the phone and she travels to come see me when she can. But she works as well. But we see each other a lot more than people would think, though, because we make it happen and we love each other so much.

I wish I could invent a new language of love. Words in the English dictionary are not enough to express how much I love you.

A good marriage requires a beautiful wife that is blind and a loving husband that is deaf – we are both.

If I was granted just one wish, I would ask for a longer life. The number of years I am destined to live on this planet may not be enough for me to tell you how much I love you.

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Sweet Words of Love to My Wife

What do you feel bout your wife? All your feelings can be easily described with the following sweet words of love to my wife. They will help you confess in love and make your relationships better.

Despite the ups and downs, I have absolutely no regrets in life because it all led me to you. I love you.

I am so blessed to have a life with my wife. She is always on my mind, in my heart and in my soul.

Freedom has never been free… I love my children and I love my wife with all my heart. And I would die, die gladly, if that would make a better life for them.

 I don’t care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.

I love my wife and I know she loves me. We’re best friends. We’re just lucky to have found each other. It takes a lot of work but I just feel very blessed that I found the right person. It’s a very fortunate situation and not everyone has that.

Your beautiful face is like a bright sun. I could pass out if I looked at it too long. I love you.

Nothing in the world can replace the love of my life, my one, and true wife. I love you so much.

If you replace L in life with W, you get wife. That is because life isn’t worth living without a lovely wife like you. I love you darling.

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Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

Are you busy composing a love message to your sweetheart? You will find the best romantic love quotes for wife here. This is a unique collection you should not ignore.

Happiness is the tickle I get deep down in my soul, when we kiss. I love you.

Loneliness is something that neither of us will have to endure. We can remain silent yet laugh, smile and cry because our hearts are talking to each other.

As far as my divorce goes, I love my family and I love my wife to death and I just don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring.

Kiss me. Hug me. Love me. The same quantity of those sweetest things I will return as soon as possible.

The only reason I don’t want to commit adultery is because I love my wife and I love my lord.

Every time I look into your eyes, I remind myself how wonderful my life is. To the most beautiful wife in the whole world, I love you.

My hair is going white, my teeth are falling out, but I am still the world’s luckiest man to have you as my wife.

 I feel like I am drowning every single day and your kisses are my life-saving gasps of air. I love you.

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