I Miss You Poems for Her

It is very difficult to be far away from the person you love. Long distance relationships require a lot of trust and patience. In order to let your dear know how much you love her, you can send these heart-warming I miss you poems for her. This collection of missing you poems for her is one of the best on our website and you will definitely find many ideas how to express your feelings of love. This small poem will make your woman happy and she will wait for your meeting as long as needed. When you are far away from your partner, you will have the feeling that time runs very slow. You should find the way to feel connected to each other despite the distance. Love is the most beautiful thing in this world, so do your best to treat it as a precious gift.

I miss you poems for her

The day you told me that
You will be back, soon enough
I knew that life from then on
Was going to be tough
The day you went away
I began crumbling apart
The moment you said goodbye
In tears, has been my heart
I miss you

I Miss You Poems for Her

I miss you images for her

I miss how we used to be,
So vibrant, so honest, so wild and free.

I miss the way you would understand,
Listen carefully, and be there when I needed a hand.

I miss our long, random talks at night,
Our private conversations,
Our silly little fights.

I miss the way you could read my mind,
Know what to say,
When words were hard to find.

I miss the way you could brighten my day,
Make me forget the mistakes,
Make the pain go away.

I miss how you made me laugh,
Hate how you made me cry,

Loved how you said you would always be there,
But once again, I forgot that everything you say is a lie.

by Thalia Jones

I miss you pictures for her

I have given up on things I like
And that has caused me to think
That life was so much easier with you
Without you it is not like I blink
Each moment I chose to be
Of all the memories, I wish to see
I want the days when we were together
We were always there for each other
I want you to come back to me
So that I can pleasantly see
Two hearts unite together with love
My pretty girl, please come back soon
As I am missing you!

Missing you poems for her

I Miss You Girlfriend Poems

Do you miss your girlfriend? When you have to separate from each other for a while due to some life circumstances, it is always very difficult. Send you dear woman these I miss you girlfriend poems and make her happy.

I miss you girlfriend poems

I miss you

I miss the hours we would spend talking,
being open and honest and free
I miss how my heart would breath a sigh of
relief because you brought me peace

I miss the feeling of hope and happiness
and how with you I always felt content

I miss you

I miss the hours I would spend lying
by your side tracing the lines upon your skin
I miss the way you held me close enough
to hear your heartbeat, I wish I could hear it again

I miss you

I miss you every minute of everyday
it’s an ache, a sadness, an emptiness
that doesn’t ever go away

I miss you

Missing you poems for girlfriend

When I hear your voice I still wait for you to say you love me,
Like you use to not so long ago,
When we talk I wish we could talk like we did not so long ago,
When you talk about her it reminds me of the way you use to talk about me not so long ago.
I miss you telling me that we will get through this,
I miss you saying you love me,
I miss your sweet words you use to tell me not so long ago,
I miss you being mine,
I miss you being able to make me laugh.
I miss your laughter,
I miss your love,
But most of all I miss you.

Poems for girlfriend about miss you

These days, nothing seems enough
Everything seems heaving and tough
Even smiles don’t make sense
The mist in my eyes has become dense
Nothing I do, seems fun anymore
I keep feeling very sad and sore
It’s because, when you are not around
In shackles, life seems to be bound
I miss you

I miss you girlfriend images

You’re my love, my life
The air that I breathe
You’re my soul, my happiness
The all that I need

You’re my light, my dark
The stars in the sky
You’re my ups, my downs
The reason I try

You’re my strength, my weakness
The love from the start
You’re my heartache, my pain
The beat of my heart

You’re my tears, my joy
the love that you bring
You’re my world, my galaxy
Becky, you’re my everything

by Dean Coombes

Poems about missing you for girlfriend

Cute Poems for Girlfriend Short

Would you like to make your girlfriends smile? Send her one of these cute poems for girlfriend short and you will see that this small thing can make the day of your dear person just great. Such small and sweet details can help you build long and sincere relationships.

Cute poems for girlfriend short

For the world I may smile all bright
Deep down I know that I am not alright
I miss you through the day my love
My nights are lonely without you
I feel your presence in the air
That is the feeling of love I knew
But it feels so lonely without you
Time just not passes through
Waiting for the day when I can just
Come and take you in my arms
And tell you that I love you so much
And baby I miss your touch
I love you and miss you!

About my girlfriend cute short poems with images

I want to cry every night,
Because I miss the way we fight.
I pray for you every night,
Because I miss you not being in my sight.
I miss the sound of your voice,
That I am sick and tired of all this noise.
I miss the way you smell,
Oh that smell.
I miss the look upon your face,
That made me smile with such grace.
I love you so much I can’t deny,
For when I see you I will break down and cry.
For when I cry these happy tears,
I won’t have anymore fears.
You’ll be home safe with me,
That I’ll be able to sleep.
Oh how I miss you so much.
I’ll just have to wait and hope you will, keep in touch.

Cute short poems I miss for girlfiend

When I’m missing you,
I walk to the river’s edge.
Frozen or free-flowing,
it soothes me;
sends me back to our small adventures.
Stargazing. Fireflies.
All-day swimming.
Long goodbyes.
No matter how cold it is outside,
our summers warm me,
and we’re together again.

by Heather Grace Stewart

Cute poems for her short

Thinking of You Poems for Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is far away from you and you miss her badly, you should not hesitate a second and send her one of our thinking of you poems for girlfriend. She will feel your love even from the distance.

Thinking of you poems for girlfriend

Like a tree, withering away without rain
Like a bird, trapped mercilessly in a cage
Like a fish, doing circles in a tiny bowl
Like a tiger, chained and loathing in rage
Like a flower, dying under the harsh sun
Like a lake, drying up in a drought
This is how I feel from within
When I’m lost in your thoughts
I miss you

Thinking of you poems for her

I have been working really hard
So that I don’t think about you
I don’t spend time on Facebook
And I have shunned Twitter too
Every memory of yours my love
And all the pictures that I go trough
Gives me a tough time I can’t say
Coz deep down I know today
That life is not the same without you Come back and give me that radiant smile
Make me happy with your cheer awhile
Baby I am eagerly waiting for you
I am missing you!

Poems of thinking for girlfriend

You’re always on my mind, day and night
When I think of you, all feels so right
Need to have you, need to hold you
And tell you that I love you.
My dear, I don’t want to see us apart
This separation just tears away my heart
I miss you, oh, I really miss you
Will need you more and more each day
I know I cannot live without you
I miss you, more than words can say.
by Gabor Timis

Poems of thinking for her

I Miss Your Laugh
I Miss Your Smile,
I Haven’t Seen You For Awhile.
I Miss Your Eyes;
I Miss Your Lips.
I Miss The Touch Of Your Fingertips
I Miss All The Things We Use To Do.
But Most Of All I Just Miss You….

by Janet Cowell