Love Poems for Husband

Is today a special day for you and your husband? When you are in relationships for many years, there are many occasions to celebrate and remind each other about your feelings. You can prepare a sweet card or sincere speech using the following love poems for husband.

Love poems for husband on pics

I want to be your motivation, inspiration and everything in between.
I want to be the reason for your smile, the one who turns your frown upside down.

 You’re the love of my life, you’re my bestfriend
And I never want this love to end
I hope to be always together
I vow to love now and forever.

YOUR touch…
Hot as a burning FLAME,
Seeking to devour me!

Then I want you back as my hubby,
This is the biggest thing to cheer,
Love you so much my dear,
I really love you a lot!

Love poems for husband

Love Poems for Husband

You are my first thought in the morning
My last thought at night
For you, I have always been longing
You bring me so much delight
You have changed my life so much.

If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee.
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me, ye women, if you can.

Your love brings me home
Enfolds me and warms me
In its eternal embrace
Endless and palpable
Beyond all life’s storms.

 Every morning I wake up and see
The most handsome man lying next to me.
He’s the one I cherish and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above
I love my husband poems.

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I Love My Husband Poems

Your husband will like this idea a lot. Daly life is too boring. People jump into everyday routine and stop caring about each other. Do not make this common mistake the majority of marries couples do. Make something sweet and romantic for your hubby, such as composing a beautiful message with included i love my husband poems.

When you make love to me everything seems right,
You seem to take my hand and guide me through the night.
You reach to take my fears and throw them to the past,
You penetrate my soul in hopes to make it last.

Baby, you are that rock in my life
Keeping me afloat through choppy seas
Through storms and darkness, you are
Life’s most magical breeze
I love you.

I am so lucky so have you,
I really feel happy and glee,
You are the best,
Thanks my dear hubby!

Whenever I see a shooting star
I wish to be a wife as wonderful
As the husband you are
I love you.

I love my husband poems

You’ve been in our lives for so many seasons
I’m pouring my heart out for that very reason
I’ve given you life, my husband & friend
Our love affair shall never end
And though our love has.

Baby, never leave me and love me till the eternity
It’s you who are my love and verity
I love you a lot
From my most purest thought!

When you make love to me everything seems right,
you seem to take my hand and guide me through the night
You reach to take my fears and throw them to the past,
You penetrate my soul in hopes.

You are my first thought in the morning
My last thought at night
For you, I have always been longing
You bring me so much delight.
Wife to husband poems.

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Wife to Husband Poems

Do you have a special occasion to send these sincere wife to husband poems? Even if it is an ordinary day, you can still make this sweet surprise for your dear man.

The sound of YOUR voice is like…
A whisper to my ears,
Pure and pleasant to hear!
The sparkle of YOUR eyes.

I hold you now in my arms and forever in my heart,
tender little man child, lovely man,
you drowse under your blankets as whispers of the future
drawing comfort from the beating of my heart
as with quiet song I lull you toward slumber.

 You’ve made so happy, I love you so much and I want you to know I’m thankful for you.
Your kindness makes my heart go flutter,
I know my speech may putter but I write this as to utter the words that say I’m grateful.
Thank you baby. Thank you my husband thank you indeed.

To playful nudges and tugs
Even on an ordinary day
There’s a lot I want to say
I love you.

Baby, I feel the bliss,
When I am with you,
Love is truly you!
Yes it’s only you
I love you!

When I get angry or frustrated,
I know that you understand,
Please know that whenever I seem angry,
My heartbeat is always louder than my mouth.

You have given me so much love
That I can’t stay without you now,
Because you are my only love in life
I am so glad to be your wife,
I love you!

 I know what it feels like to wait on a breakthrough,
Meanwhile trusting God to see us through!
I know what it feels like to hold your hand
On bended knees, seeking the Father’s plan.

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Romantic Poems for Husband

Do you feel like to send one of these romantic poems for husband? This is a unique collection of beautiful words devoted to love and live in relationships.

Comes home from work
all fires are out with only a squirt.
A quiet evening he looks forward to,
just Bill O’Reilly, a glass of wine will do.

and fabulous, surreal and dreamy
Nothing short of magic, has my journey been
The credit for which goes to the most
Perfect life partner, the world has ever seen.

With you in life I have all the reasons to cheer,
Because you always make me smile,
In all the way and all the while,
I love you a lot!

The reason for my heartbeat
My dear husband
You make my life complete
I love you.

You see me at my best, you see me at my worst,
But you always stick with me, and you know idea, what that means to me
I love your more than anything in this world,
And I never want that to change.

Even if I was granted a wish
By a magical Genie
I’d simply walk away, coz you
Have made my life perfect already.

I feel so loved and I feel so me,
Its only you now, my hubby dear,
Only you that I can see,
I love you!

I’m sad and feeling blue
Doing nothing but thinking of you.
I hope you can feel it too
‘Cause I’m getting crazy; don’t know what to do.

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Short Love Poems for Husband

Do you want to send a sweet and short message to your hubby? Discover a huge variety of short love poems for husband and make a sweet surprise for your beloved man.

I never knew about happiness;
I didn’t think dreams came true;
I couldn’t really believe in love,
Until I finally met you.

If I could have all the time in the world,
I know what I would do:
I’d spend the time
In pleasure sublime,
Just by being with you.

Of everything I know and love and treasure,
It’s you, my love, who gives me perfect pleasure.
I love your way with me, your touch, your kiss;
To be with you is happiness and bliss.

A special bond we share, Is like no other, Nothing can break us, Our love is true, Blissful as can be, Just like the breeze, Our love is strong, Love holds us fast together.

When all goes wrong, and my life runs amok,
I think of you, and I get unstuck;
In the midst of chaos, you make my heart sing;
You’re my peace, my happiness, my everything.

You are my every dream come true,
No one else will ever do;
Because only you can make me feel,
The way I do.

The touch of your lips as we kiss,

The feel of your body next to mine,

I love the way you smile,

The tender look you give me lets me know your mine.

To wipe those tears when you are sad
To make you happy when you are mad
All these things I can really do
Just remember I’m thinking of you.

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