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Are you familiar this the term thug life? If you look at this thug life meme, you will understand its true meaning. This phrase comes from the United States of America and its big rap community. F you like Tupac Shakur and rap music, the following thug life memes are what you should post on your Facebook wall. We have one of the most impressive gangsta meme, which you can send to your best friend who loves rap subculture. Thug life means overcoming life obstacles. This is everyday struggles. Many people do not understand this life style, but Thug Life is the representation of a huge underground community with its own rules and codes of behavior.

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Do you lead a so-called thug life? In such a case, you will enjoy the following funny thug life pictures. People who lead a thug life are not necessarily all criminals. Look at this thuglife meme and you will understand the community of real rappers better. This term was created by one of the legendary rappers Tupac. All his songs are about oppressive things. He is singing about the negative sides of our modern society and how young people have to deal with them in a daily life. Take a risk and live your life without paying attention to what the society thinks about you.

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